Return of Goods Policy

Dear collaborators

Thank you for your continuous trust in VK Leading Light, and for choosing its products.

We are updating our Return of Goods policy and these are the new terms:

All returns, if not accompanied by the Return Form (RMA) - which must be sealed and signed by our company - will NOT be accepted or received by shipping agencies.

The customer will first have to send the return form (RMA) by email and / or fax so that it is approved and sealed by our company. Subsequently, this form is sent back to the customer in the same way, while the customer is required to attach it along with the corresponding Delivery Note for Return.

The Delivery Note for Return must always be accompanied by the sealed RMA form.

If returns are the collaborator’s liability, they will only be accepted within 30 days of the date of invoicing of the merchandise, and there will be a 30% reduction on the value of those returns once it has been approved by our company.

Returns are never received by VK Leading Light sales personnel, as they are NOT delegated to do so.

Please contact VK Leading Light directly and always follow the above described procedure, as only our company is responsible for approving refunds.

We are always at your disposal for any additional information and clarification about the new Return of Goods policy.